Meet Oluwafunmilayo Arabambi

Meet Oluwafunmilayo Arabambi

Funmi is an emerging Nigerian artist from Ogun state. Born May 15, 1985, in Lagos.

She studied Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Nigeria where she obtained B.AED. She also had some training at the Universal Studios of Art and Defactori Art Studio where she went under the tutelage of some master artists. She is a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists.

Her paintings aim to depict life through the combination of lines, forms and colours. She seeks to document scenes, moments, mood and share the beauty of nature mostly rendered in femininity themes. She has captured her passion for human figures which she executes through creating a high contrast, vibrancy and using conspicuously unblended brushstrokes.

According to her, she uses her painting to explore the world and shares her discoveries with others. She won the 2nd place prize in the ASFAAS Painting Competition (2002). Some of the exhibition she has participated in include: Beautiful Nigeria (2006), Naija Women (2007), Raising Stars (2004), Rhythms (2019), We Believe You (2020),October Rain(Annual Juried Exhibition), Art for Charity Exhibition (2021), April Ascension (2022) among others.

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